Developing the problem-solving & process improvement capabilities of your workforce

Lean Improvement System Implementation (LISI)

This 12-month program provides the necessary infrastructure to implement, sustain, and build on your lean improvements.  Our services include training, kaizen prep and events, and short- and long-term consultation.  A CLE consultant will work closely with management to create and implement a lean improvement system to address your unique challenges by cascading learning to engender the type of commitment necessary for lean enterprise.  LISI will include the following services:

  • Perform an assessment

  • Train leadership team

  • Provide lean basic training to the workforce

  • Train internal group of lean champions  with customized training to suit your business

  • Implement 5S workplace organization with visual controls

  • Select and improve key pilot areas through kaizen activities

  • Develop management standard work

  • Generate value stream maps (VSM) for key product families

  • Identify key kaizen activities through VSM and develop a detailed lean improvement plan

  • Perform team kaizen activities and projects to execute VSM plans

  • Conduct follow-up audits and provide feedback

Kaizen Event Facilitation

Kaizen, which is the Japanese word for “improvement or change for the better,” refers to a philosophy or practices that focus on sustainable continuous improvement.  Kaizen provides a structure to convert employees’ improvement ideas into realized changes that have a positive impact on the business, transforming the organization in incremental sustainable steps.  Besides the tangible benefits, kaizen is regarded as the most effective technique to improve engagement and culture within a company. Kaizen events are typically 3 to 5 days and generally include the following activities:

  • Lean Training

  • Defining the Problem/Goals

  • Observing and Documenting the Current State

  • Brainstorming and Developing a Future State

  • Implementation

  • Developing a Follow-up Plan

  • Presenting Results

  • Celebrating Successes

CLE consultants have facilitated hundreds of kaizen events ranging from manufacturing improvements to business process improvements. Kaizen events are flexible and boast a high return on investment because the improvement is rapid. Most importantly, the kaizen provides a hands-on learning experience that team members can apply every day in their jobs.


Value Stream Mapping Facilitation


Value stream maps provide a visual representation of the steps involved in the material and information flows that bring a product or service from order entry through delivery to the customer.  In a Value Stream Mapping workshop, a lean expert will guide a team through the creation of a current state map, a future state map, and an implementation plan. The Value Stream Mapping workshops will provide the following: 

  • Lean and Value Stream Mapping Training

  • Development of Current State Value Stream Map

  • Brainstorming / Development of Future State Value Stream Map

  • Development of Value Stream Implementation Plan


A Lean Assessment can be conducted as a first step to understand where your organization currently stands, how it can benefit from lean, and what major activities need to be done to transform your organization into a lean enterprise.  A CLE consultant will spend time on-site at your organization interviewing key personnel, gathering data, and observing operations.  Finally, we will provide a written report and presentation to management that includes a value stream analysis, opportunities for improvement, and recommendations.


This is a good way to keep your lean improvements moving forward and to prevent backsliding.  This service includes establishing a routine follow-up audit schedule, providing constructive feedback, and teaching management how to conduct audits to ensure employees are maintaining standards, finding improvement opportunities, and developing new standards.  When regular auditing is not established and performed, improvements slide backwards.  The aim of this service is to prevent that from happening.  Audits may focus on the following areas:

  • 5S Workplace Organization

  • Standard Work Performance

  • Performance gaps specified by the client

Coaching & Mentoring

A CLE consultant will work closely with managers and other change agents on-site at your company in a hands-on manner to coach them through understanding and applying PDCA in their organizations to create a culture of continuous improvement and learning.  The coaching and mentoring will establish a framework for problem solving and continuous improvement that is reinforced in daily management, quality circles, and improvement events.  The aim is to make daily improvement a mindset, routine, and common practice.  This service will teach managers and change agents how to:

  • Apply PDCA to any goal

  • Commonize how members of an organization solve problems

  • Transition toward the role of a coach and mentor

  • Actualize PDCA in a way that has people learning from small steps everyday



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